MJF.Lion Leo Muthu

  •  I take this occasion to introduce our organization to the realm of education. 
  • The establishment is administered by Sapthagiri Educational & Charitable Trust established way back in the year 1997 operating effectively for the past seventeen years and efficiently producing potential engineers consistently every year.
  • Our vision is constantly supported by hard work, open communication, a sturdy prominent team work and an excellent sense of responsibility of the associates. 
  • These imaginative civilizations allocate and emphasize our students not only to adopt the contemporary challenges but also enable them to realize their errands towards the society and the nation as well.
  • The process of learning is always considered being useful. 
  • It should be constructive in accustomed life and inspire the students to obtain and apply the same practically or else the entire practice endures to be in vain. 
  • Our organization sets explicit objectives and deliberate activity to accomplish excellence in every bough of technological education.
  • Right from the beginning the university results of our institution are consistently applaud-able. 
  • The absolute acclaim goes to the dedicated, determined and industrious faculties of our college. 
  • We strongly consider the academic brilliance and in no way reconcile on teaching standards at any cost.
  • We have an exceedingly affable environment of teaching and learning procedures ensuring the students extremely accommodating and considerate ambiance with an incomparable didactic understanding.
  • I genially invite you to visit Sai Leo Nagar and learn the things in person regarding the organization. 

CEO’s Message

  • Sairam college Empire is one of the special collections that made its way instantly into the list of top 10 organizations across Karnataka with its relentless efforts with determination and dedication in the realm of education Engineering is a colossal field that proposes immeasurable specialization. 
  • All fields in the contemporary economy have been invigorated by engineering. 
  • Certainly the profile of the current world has been accredited to the expansion in science and technology. 
  • A graduation in Engineering unlocks infinite occasions to discover a job, initiate a business and marvel in research.
  • The contribution and dedication of the students and faculty in the past two decades had compensated affluent results and making Sairam college the most desirable pioneering establishments across Karnataka.
  • The students have been engendering exceedingly exceptional results in the University Examinations, reflecting the same in the placements as well.
  •  Sairam college is particularly cognizant in generating trustworthy citizens by training discipline and determination. 
  • The pride of Sairam college is its Alumnus who is well placed in different areas from civil services to worldwide acclaimed companies.
  •  Our journey progresses with an objective of sustaining the ‘legacy’ with towering goals. 

team coordinators


  • Chief Coordinator , Sri Leo Muthu Innovation Centre.
  • Completed Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering at Anna University Chennai. M.E. in Thermal Engineering at Madras University. 
  • Teaching experience of 15 years at Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Bangalore. Governing Council Member of Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Bangalore. 
  • Chief Co-ordinator for Industry Institute Partnership Cell of Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Sponsored by AICTE, Delhi. 
  • Working as Head for Training and Development Cell for 7 Years (between 2008 and 2015). 
  • Presently Heading the Mechanical Engineering Department from 2015 onwards at Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Bangalore. 
  • Also Heading Sri Leomuthu Innovation Centre at Sri Sairam College of Engineering from August 2016 onwards. 
  • Selected for Best Citizens of India Award, by International Publishing House, New Delhi. 
  • Received Best Familiar Male Faculty award Best Circuit Faculty in the South Indian ASDF Awards – SIAA 2017  
  • Received Rashtriya Gaurav Award, from India International Friendship Society, New Delhi   


  • Presently working as Asst. Professor & Heading the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering in Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Bangalore, since June 2008.
  • Worked as Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering in Shirdi Sai Engineering College , Bangalore from March 2006 – June 2008. 
  • Worked as a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer & HOD in Electronics & Communication Engineering  In Ananda Marga Polytechnic from August 1999 – June 2002 & June 2002 to March 2006  Respectively . • Worked as a Supervisor in Quality Control Department in Hosur Instruments Limited. 
  • Received a grant of rupees Eight lakhs (₹8,00,000.00) to carry out Modernization of Embedded System Design Lab under AICTE - MODROBS Scheme in the year 2011-2012. 
  • Won several awards and certificates for showing proficiency in academics & profession.  
  • Established & Modernized an Embedded System Design Lab 
  • 8 times won Academic Excellence award. 
  • Certified as Qualified Internal Auditor for ISO 9001: 2000 & ISO 9001: 2008. 
  • Won Certificate of Academic Excellence award at ME Degree. 
  • Won several awards and certificates for showing proficiency in academics & profession. 
  • Member of Indian Society for Technical Education. 
  • Member of Institute of Electrical & Telecommunication Engineering 


  • Coordinator, Sri Leo Muthu Innovation Centre
  • Mechanical Engineering specialization with Computational fluid dynamics. 
  • Completed BTech in 2008 from Bharathiyar college of Engineering affiliated to Pondicherry University. 
  • Completed MS (By research) in 2013 from Hindustan University.  Faculty Advisor for BAJA, International BAJA, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Solar vehicle, RC craft, Quadcopter, Formula, Mars Rover and GOKART teams in the Universities and Colleges from 2013-till date. 
  • So far completed two funded projects. 
  • His research works involving in Marine application, Engine Combustion, Multiphase Flow, Bluff Bodies, Exterior aerodynamics of on road, off road vehicles etc. and he has published 28 Journals and participated and presented papers in 27 International and national Conferences. 
  • His articles and projected came in 3 magazines and also a member in SAEINDIA, ISTE, IEI, ASDF, and editor in ISIE journals. So far he his supporting 3 Ph.D projects, 13 ME projects and 22 BE projects handled. 
  • He got SIAA Best Young Researcher Award and International Friendship Society Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2017.  

Student Team


Tharun K

Responsible for Designs, Fabrications  and Mechanism parts of Rover.

Nandan P B

Motion and Static Analysis of the design and also the Optimization of the design. 

Sunil Kumar

 Analysis and Tweaks for designs of the Rover.

Hemanth C Reddy

Responsible for fabrication of the Robot

Syed Abubaker

Sensors and data sheet for Science cache

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Vishal Shabadi

Implementation of motor drivers in the Rover and analysis of motor.

Rahul Kolekar

Motor driver and PLC designer

Chaithra S

Selection and configuration of signal and video Transmission modules and Interfacing.

Dilip Kumar M

Market survey work and team management

Gracy Priyanka D

Interfacing of sensors with the Arduino which is mainly used in Autonomous task.

Sangeetha B V

Analysis of robotic arm and  Interfacing with arduino board

Shubha L

Analysis of robotic arm and preparation of PCB and testing of arm of the rover

Gulzar Begum Z

Testing procedures of 3DR Telemetry module  and Configuration of Antennas for long distance Communication.

Vandana R

Research work and testing of all the Sensors used in Rover

Samith S

Controlling the movement of the Rover through the motors aa well as the arm of Rover.

Praveen Y S

Selection and Interfacing of motors.

Udaya Kumar A

Selection of Hardware component for Base station.

Shubham Trivedi

Overall Communication system Incharge

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Bhavani Singh J

Torque and Power requirement and  calculation of the motors and Linear Actuators used for traction and arm of the Rover.

Devaraj S

Power management  of Electrical components present the rover with respect to the tasks to be acompolished.

Subratha Choudhury

Implementation of Linear Actuators in the Robotic Arm.


Customization of Battery Technology with battery management system.  

Computer Science and Engineering

Rakshak Hokrani

Interfacing of the Rover with GUI, Website editor and Base station control.


GUI Design and Testing