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Our part involves in design, developing, building and testing the mechanisms we design. We develop prototypes for testing and to see how likely the mechanism works to our requirement. Off the parts we design, analysis happens, accordingly refinements takes place.  We provide with the best and robust design possible under the parameters provided to achieve the complete system's performance.

Communications And Controls

          It includes a virtual mars station and a virtual earth station. The mars rover captures image and sends it to virtual mars station. The image is converted into suitable signal and transmitted to an orbiting satellite. This satellite sends the signal to virtual earth station where it is converted to original image. To avoid the loss of information, the signal is sent to another orbiting satellite if in case the communication with the first satellite fails. In the  same way data transmission also takes place.

          The NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) is an international network of antennas that provide the communication links between scientists and engineers on earth to the mars exploration rovers in space.

Power Systems

The Rover consists of different components that drives it to perform its tasks. Thus the power required to drive it plays a vital role including the managing of power through the various amenities like motors, actuators, communication boards etc to run the rover efficiently. This is achieved by the power monitoring systems, protection schemes, powerful batteries and buck converters.

Computers And Interface

          The main AIM is to exchange data with the Rover's instruments and sensors and Integrate it on a GUI. Activities such as taking pictures(Image processing), driving(Autonomous Navigation), and operating the instruments are performed under commands transmitted from the  command sequence to the rover from the flight team. 

          The rover uses Autonomy software to make decisions based on observations from its sensors and transmits the data to the Base station for further computation  

Science Team

Management Team

          Our main agenda is how to organize, schedule and delegate tasks more effectively. Management includes the activities of setting the strategy of our project and coordinating the efforts of volunteers to accomplish their objectives through the available resources such as financial, technological and other human resources.

          Projects have a finite length , involve a number of activities, people and have fixed budgets and deadlines.our management team plans and monitor these and accordingly takes some corrective  actions